Why and how to refer


The top three professionals
a separated person will go to for advice and assistance are:

  • Lawyers –  To find out about legal rights and responsibilities
  • Real Estate Agents – To have the marital home valued, inquire about rentals and/or houses on the market.
  • Bankers and Mortgage brokers – To gain further information and advise regarding financial positions.

A referral may be required if your client
has recently separated from their partner and it is evident that there is conflict arising regarding: 

Dependent children:

  • Who will they live with.
  • How much time will be spent with the other parent.
  • How will decisions be made regarding the health and wellbeing of the children.
  • Ways to effectively communicate about the separation.

Property and financial matters:

  • How will property and assets be split?
  • What needs to go into the asset pool?
  • Who will stay in the marital home?
  • Will the home need to be sold?


The longer the conflict goes on for the harder it is for everybody involved especially the children.  Bendigo Mediation offers a quick and cost effective way to resolve parenting and property disputes so people can move forward with their life.


Bendigo Mediation can offer a quick turnaround time from first point of contact to parenting and property agreements being reached.

How to make a referral

A referral can be made via the referral form on our website available for download.  Or simply give Bendigo Mediation a call and we’ll take it from there.