Referral & Procedural Information

Depending on items to be discussed mediation will go from a minimum of 2hrs to a maximum of 6hrs. All meetings and mediations will take place at 92 Wills St, Bendigo.


Referral form completion:

Please ensure all details on the referral and company form are complete. The declaration that both parties have consented to mediation must be signed by the referrer as well as the ‘Agreement to Mediate’ signed by both agreeing parties. We cannot commence a case where only one party has agreed to the process.

Referrals can be sent via fax, post or email.


Case funding:

Bendigo Mediation can only accept cases where a funding stream to cover our costs are in place.

Payment in full is required prior to the pre mediation.

Refer to our fees schedule for an outline of fees and costs associated.


Case information for mediators:

Bendigo Mediation must be made aware of any circumstances that may influence safe conduct of meetings in advance (history of violence, any health or welfare issues that either party may have which may affect their ability to participate in the mediation process).


Mediators always retain the right to cancel or suspend the mediation if they feel there are any issues or circumstances that require them to do so. Their safety and the safety of the parties are paramount.




Mediators will run a pre mediation meeting with both Parties as well as the company representative. The mediator will find out the facts, feelings and issues of the dispute. The mediator will not disclose or report on the confidential discussions taking place during the mediation.

Mediation conference:

If both parties agree to mediation and it is assessed as suitable to proceed a mediation conference will be booked no later than 2 days after the last pre mediation meeting.


Mediation agreements:

All mediated agreements are entered into voluntarily by both parties and are not legally binding. If a written agreement is reached, both parties and mediator will sign it and a physical or electronic (scanned) copy provided to each party. A copy will also be provided to the referring agency.


Case closure or suspension:

Cases are deemed closed where a written agreement is reached or mediators report they can progress the case no further. Bendigo Mediation will evaluate whether to formally close the case at this point, suspend it (if awaiting outcome of action by another agency etc.) or reallocate it to new mediators to take a different approach. Parties will be informed in writing by email or post if the case is being suspended or closed.


Forms to fill in and return for mediation to proceed:

  1. Workplace Mediation referral form  Bendigo Mediation Referral form
  2. Company Details  Bendigo Mediation Company Details
  3. Agreement to Mediate  Bendigo Mediation Agreement to Mediate


Mediation can be used to resolve conflict in a variety of situations.
For more information on specific mediation services that we provide please contact Bendigo Mediation.

  • Family Dispute Resolution – Parenting and Property/Financial Mediation
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Seniors Mediation